Fresh Homemade Salsa

Somedays, or well any day, chips & salsa just sounds so amazing! Particularly in the summer I like to spend some time in the kitchen to make my own salsa from scratch. Every summer our… View Post

Glass Half Full

My mom use to always say, “Someone, somewhere has it worse than you. Be grateful for what you do have and work toward what you want or need…… and always stay humble.” I work at… View Post

Cruising with Norwegian Cruise Line

Everyone needs a vacation right? Many people are turning to cruises as their vacation because well, its easy! You go online, pick your destination, pay and all the planning is done for you. You board… View Post

Birds of a Feather

Something that has became so popular┬álately in the area I live in is boutiques….and for good reason. There are many things to discuss when it comes to these cute little shops and why they are… View Post

Stripes and Gingham

  Bold patterns have became such a great trend for style and fashion; from top to pants, to dresses and jumpsuits to ALL the accessories. Patterns are a fun way to add style and flare… View Post