Glass Half Full


My mom use to always say, “Someone, somewhere has it worse than you. Be grateful for what you do have and work toward what you want or need…… and always stay humble.”

I work at a hospital that helps people who suffer from a mental illness. I recently went to a class with a patient where the group discusses various topics daily. Usually the staff members just sit in and oversee the group. However when I sat down and the leader of the discussion handed me a packet of the lesson. The lesson just happen to be on “Adjusting Your Attitude.” I chuckled to myself and thought “Ok God, I know this is you.”

It’s funny how life works out the way that it does sometimes. For awhile now when bad things would happen, I would often become bitter. Despite all of the positive things in my life, I would always think “Why me?”, “Why now?” and “Why does it seem like bad things keep happening to ONLY me?” And I guess after pushing it off long enough, God finally stepped in and was like, “Payton, you need to stop being so dramatic.” But the thing with it is, it’s God’s timing…not mine. His timing is always on time. And I am starting to see why now. I needed to be humbled.

IMG_4243As many have heard the story of the boy and girl who sit down at a table and complained of being thirsty. When they were given just a half glass of water, the girl smiled and was so thankful she had a half cup of water. But the boy was sad and upset that he was only given a half glass; despite of how thirsty he was.

You see, when things happen in our life we can do one of two things. We can sit down, smile and be grateful for what we are given or we can sit down and only think of the things we are missing.

Many times when it comes down to it, we are the little boy. We are sad because we are feeling like we are missing something from our lives. This especially happens when we throw social media into the mix.

It happens all throughout our life. It starts in school when we don’t even realize what envy or negativity can be. We see our friends or family members with nicer clothes, houses and cars. Then eventually, we grow up as adults with the same issues but worse. Least I know I did. It’s human to be that way and it’s totally normal to feel that way, but we must change it.

We all want and have aspirations for our life. We have expectations. But when those goals aren’t met, the trouble begins for us.

It took me half of my 20’s to figure out what I wanted out of my life. After graduating high school, you are just thrown into adulthood. And it is so scary because you have not a clue as to what you want out of your life, your relationships, your career, your friendships and much more. You just know that some of the people around you seem to have it together and some don’t. You see some finish degrees, get married, start families, buy cars, travel the world, build houses and the list continues on.

So then you become hard on yourself. You pick at yourself for everything; everything in your life, your weight, your beauty and even materialistic objects.


So how can we change this? How can we get an attitude adjustment?

We find gratitude! And we find it in everything.

  • We surround ourself with like minded people. Whether it be our friendships, relationships, our therapist, a support group, our church family, our co-workers… we find it. We find it because surrounding ourself with people who spread light helps to light a fire in us.
  • We do things that make us happy, motivated and passionate. When you eliminate unneeded and unwanted stress, more happiness consumes you.
  • We find the good in every situation. No matter how big or small the situation is, you find the good and hold onto it. Letting the good help to guide us out of the bad.
  • We find something positive to say when we only want to be negative. It’s hard. So many times we want to spit out our anger and frustration. But honestly that only causes more damage to us and those around us.

People do not make us feel emotions; not sadness, not jealousy and not anger. Only we can control that. We must change the way we react to certain situations in order to give us peace and let things go. We must take experiences as a lesson and figure out what it is trying to teach us. Because going through a hard spot is forcing us to grow. Being uncomfortable is showing us we are changing. And finding the light in the darkness is the fastest way to find the way out.

We change by changing our way of thinking, by humbling ourself.

We become thankful for the half filled glass of water, because it is half full not half empty.


Payton Waybright



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