Cruising with Norwegian Cruise Line

Everyone needs a vacation right? Many people are turning to cruises as their vacation because well, its easy!

You go online, pick your destination, pay and all the planning is done for you. You board the ship, it takes you to different islands overnight (which can become essential if you’ve had one too many mudslides) and your food and room are already paid for when you board. This leaves you in a complete stress free environment.

In the last several years I have been on 4 different cruises but only two different cruise lines. Finishing up my honeymoon left me with 3 cruise itineraries with Norwegian Cruise Line. There is a reason I continue to revisit this particular cruise line and currently plan my next cruise with them in 202o… and it’s most definitely the hospitality and customer service.

Norwegian has the best food, entertainment and customer service of any cruise line I have been on. Not only do they have many different destinations around the globe, but they offer exceptional excursions at each stop. While many of the ships have different restaurants, there is one that seems to be on many of NCL ships. My husband and I always find ourselves at O’Sheenan’s Irish Pub & Grill. Great food that reminds us of home.

The lifestyle on cruise ships is pretty fun too. You wake up, eat, soak up sun by the pool or enjoy a day at a port, take a nap, get dinner and relax. They play movies all day long in the rooms, and most are kid friendly! There is a lot of activities for the children on board as well.

There is live entertainment every night in the showrooms, variety of food options, many different dining rooms to eat at and lots of different bars with music to enjoy as well.

As far as the rooms go, there are different rooms that offer different views. There are balcony and ocean view, or if you don’t plan to be in the room that much, then a regular cabin will suit you.

I hope you enjoyed my overview of Norwegian Cruise Line and consider booking your next vacation with them.

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