Birds of a Feather

Something that has became so popular lately in the area I live in is boutiques….and for good reason. There are many things to discuss when it comes to these cute little shops and why they are so important. But I couldn’t do that without mentioning one that is so near and dear to my heart.

Birds of a Feather (BOAF) is a boutique at the Heritage Train Station in Huntington, WV, and also an online Instagram store. For the past four years their clothing has taken up 98% of my closest. (and no I am not joking) They continue to sell trendy, causal, business professional and comfy cute clothing. Their clothing is very high quality, can fit anyones budget and comes in many different sizes. The boutique brands that they stock can not be found at any mall or online store. The clothing they sell gives a variation of colors and patterns that can fit anyones style. Shopping at boutiques, especially BOAF is so special for me. Not only do they sell beautiful clothing and jewelry; but sometimes they showcase local vendors products like candles, beauty products and handmade jewelry.

While shopping there the past several years, I have been able to find outfits for weddings, school, vacation, girls trips and more. The owners, Lindsey Ellis and Whitney Epling, are from the same hometown as me. They started BOAF in fall 2012 and have had great success since then.

One thing that has became so important to me when shopping is customer service. Lindsey, Whitney and their staff of girls make sure you are greeted with a smile, assisted with anything you may need and offer sales all the time.

Boutiques are not only important because they support local families, but they also allow people with dreams to bring their imagination to life. Whether it’s a full-time job or side job, shopping local and supporting small businesses allow you to grow a connection and relationship with the owners, and maybe other shoppers.

Most people who own or shop locally will support other small business owners and their community, creating a circle of opportunities for one another. This has been my favorite experience with Birds of a Feather.

Shopping with BOAF has allowed me to grow a connection with not only people from my area but around West Virginia. It has given me the chance to support local dreams while I take on my own. It creates a community of people rooting for each other and cheering for their success.



I hope if you are ever in the Huntington area, you take the time to visit Birds of a Feather Boutique and shop local. 🙂

Be sure to follow them on Instagram : @boafboutique!






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