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Influencer? What does that even mean?

Influencer is a person who influences someone with products according to their audiences.

Well, I guess I have some positive news when it comes to my future endeavors….

But before I get to the good stuff, here is a little back story.

For the past several years I have wanted to start a blog. And honestly, at one time I did! Back in 2013 I started blogging about my journey with the NPC Bikini Competition and the healthy lifestyle choices I was making in order to accommodate that competition. But I gave up.


But for the last 4 years I have wanted to start over but this time with shopping, fashion and beauty advice.

My whole life I have been involved with pageants; from competing, to judging, to assisting and to running my own fundraiser pageant for Children’s Miracle Network and WVU Hospital.

Being in the pageant industry allowed me to grow a passion for style and fashion. I like pushing the limits. I love finding unique, fun & stylish outfits, and on a budget. I did this not just with pageants but daily life too.

I was voted “Best Dressed” in my 2011 graduating class in high school and I accepted that honor with such pride. I enjoy putting together pieces that allow me to express myself. One of my favorite designers once said

“Playing dress up begins at 5 and never truly ends..”

-Kate Spade

No truer words could be said for me. I love it all; clothes, jewelry, shoes, handbags, etc.

Often times I will get messages, “Girl where did you get that outfit??” or “You should blog and add your outfits so I can figure out where to shop!” And occasionally I will get the “Can I just hire you to go shopping with me so I can get a new wardrobe!”


Your wish is granted.

I am now an Amazon Influencer. And I will be your personal shopper. 🙂

  1. Amazon Influencer?? Well what does that mean??
  • Amazon Influencer Program is a program where I will recommend products by uploading them to my Amazon Storefront and social media accounts. From there you will be able to shop my ideas and order them from there.
  1.  Why is this a great thing?
    Well, while you are binge watching the latest/greatest show on Netflix, you can be shopping on your Amazon app and have a new wardrobe, with FREE shipping (if you have Prime of course) in the next day or two.
    • Also :
      • It takes the stress out of going to the store to find something to wear, no matter the occasion.
      • No more finding time to go shopping. Work full time? Amazon. Don’t want to take your kids to the mall? Amazon. The store has a huge line and only one person working? Amazon.
      • Not to mention the prices are very budget friendly.
      • You will get first hand reviews about quality, sizing and style. This is so important when ordering online.

Need more reasons? Nope. This is just amazing.

I cannot wait to begin this journey. I have loved Amazon for 4 years now and I am so excited to be apart of this program.

All items shown in this blog can be found in my Amazon storefront under the tab

“Amazon Influencer”!

To shop my storefront, follow this link. 🙂



Payton Waybright




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