My First Blog Post

Charleston, South Carolina
September 2018

About me, you say? Well where do I begin…

My name is Payton Whitt, but soon to be Mrs. Waybright! Yup, getting married June 8th, 2019. I guess that would be a pretty good place to start! So, I’m engaged to the sweetest guy, Kasey. He will come up a lot in my blogs, so I am going to formally introduce him. We met in October of 2016, and when I say our relationship has been perfect….I truly mean it. We bought our first home together in October 2017 before getting engaged in March of 2018. We have one fur-baby, Bullet, whom we love and adore. Our schedules are super crazy, as I work full-time and go to college full time, and Kasey is a funeral director and mortician.

Our little family
October 2018

That brings me to my next topic; college. I graduated from high school in 2011, but started taking some college courses my senior year. I’ve been in college since…minus a year and a half, but we won’t go there yet. *lol* I have been enrolled in several different majors, (nursing, education, psychology and dietetics). I will graduate in December 2019 with a Bachelors Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Marshall University!

Budapest, Hungary
January 2018

Aside from the busy life of a working, college student, I do have many hobbies that also occupy my time. I enjoy shopping, working-out, reading, worshiping, reading books and traveling. However, traveling is the main reason I started this blog.

NPC Bikini Competition
Cleveland, Ohio in October 2013

You see, I use to compete in fitness competitions and be pretty involved in the workout/clean-eating world. So in 2013, I tried to start a WordPress as a fitness blogger…that did not last very long. I eventually got burnt out and quit. *Side note*, I really admire those who can do that for a living. Competing and eating so clean 24/7 is a hard life. But after two years and the development of a thyroid disease, I gave up that life.

That brings me to my next point….thyroid. This right here has became a HUGE part of my life. In the 4-5 years I’ve suffered, (only a diagnosis of 3 years), I have really learned a lot about not only this disease…..but myself. Just a little background about it, the thyroid helps regulate and release hormones for EVERY organ in the body. So you guessed it. When the thyroid is off or imbalanced….so is EVERYTHING else. Some of the things I have experienced with hypothyroidism is; weight gain, fatigue, brain fog, irregular menstrual cycles, heart flutters, confusion, nightmares, dry skin, hair loss, acne, anxiety and depression. Before this started to occur….I had NONE of these symptoms. It took me cycling through FOUR doctors, to find someone to listen to me, diagnosis me and give me thyroid medication. After my diagnosis in 2017, I was able to finally take medicine that helped.

Now that we got the sad stuff out of the way, let’s talk about traveling. 🙂

Me and my brother
Niagara Falls, Canada in 2003

I have been traveling basically my whole life. My parents felt very heavily about giving me and my brother experiences over items. I took my first trip out of the United States my 5th grade year. We went to Canada to visit Niagara Falls. Thats a funny story for another day! I ended up going to Buffalo, NY and Niagara Falls again the following year, this time the main reason for the trip was to visit the Susan B. Anthony House, its a museum now, for a Social Studies Fair project I did in 6th grade. That’s another thing I love about traveling….history.

Gold Rock Beach – Freeport, Bahamas
February 2016

My second trip out of the country was on a cruise to the Bahamas. That is where my heart ignited the biggest flame for traveling. I will save the juicy details for a blog post later about my experience in the Bahamas and the cruise I did through Norwegian Cruise Line! Basically, seeing how different people lived, the food they ate, the hobbies and jobs they did daily and the weather was GOOD enough for me. Something happened inside me, something I can’t explain without using the word “Wanderlust”. My soul feels at peace every time I visit somewhere. During the time of my trip to the Bahamas, I was really struggling. My whole life felt off and I felt lost. I was taking a break from school, I was working minimum wage jobs BARELY making ends meet and I was at the peak of my thyroid storm. When I say that traveling has mended my broken heart, I truly mean it. Wandering around, visiting places only I dreamed about, seeing the work of our Savior and his precious hands…..THAT mended my broken heart.

Aran Islands
Off the coast of Galway, Ireland
November 2016
Jewish Memorial for Holocaust Victims
Berlin, Germany
December 2017

Since then, I have visited 17 countries….with no plans of stopping. I work overtime when I can, save change, go without when I need too and constantly researching travel plans; including best times to visit, flights, hotels, excursions and food. I am always looking for the cheapest plan; most of the time I am looking everyday. I will post my tips in a later blog, but that is just an insight on the amount of dedication it takes to travel cheap and smart!

That is all for now. I hope you continue to follow my journey as I begin this life as a full-time blogger.

xo, Payton



  1. Justin
    March 12, 2019 / 9:36 pm

    I am with you, seeing the world makes us better. Love following all your pictures and trips.

  2. Julia
    March 12, 2019 / 9:50 pm

    My promise in writing to one day see Iceland with you. ❤️
    Love You,

  3. Zelma Patterson
    March 13, 2019 / 3:40 am

    Love getting to see the world threw your eyes.You let me see places I will never see.Can’t Waite to go on our next trip.Love ya girl.Always be safe.

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